What is GGfone?

GGfone is a mobile application that allows you to make unlimited free phone calls. GGfone is available over WiFi or 3G/4G. The sound quality on GGfone is better than the quality of a regular phone call. You can Directly call any mobile/landline numbers that don't have GGfone at very low rates too.

What can I do with GGfone?

  • Make phone calls with superb sound quality
  • Earn unlimited free Credits
  • Call any landline or mobile phone numbers in over 200+ countries with GGcredits
  • Get a real private number that can receive calls from anyone

How can I get GGfone?

GGfone for Apple devices: App Store

GGfone Android device: Google Play

How do I get started with GGfone?

You can use GGfone with most Android and iOS devices. Although there are no services yet for Windows devices.

After installation, during registration, you will receive an OTP code via SMS to activate GGfone. The Unique OTP code ensures that you are the real owner of the Mobile Phone number you have registered and prevents others from obtaining your access code and placing calls with your caller ID.

How to make free calls with GGfone?

Calls GGfone users are unlimited free. Calls to regular Landline phones will need credits. You just need to spend a little time to get a lot of free credits for unlimited free calling.

What is GGfone Credit?

GGfone credit lets you call Non-GGfone mobile numbers and landline numbers at low rates.

GGfone sponsors offer many ways for users to earn free Credits - Complete Free Offers, Watching Video, Daily Free Spin, Invite Friends, Daily Lottery, Play Games and so on.

Do I need a data plan to use GGfone?

Yes. A data plan from your carrier or service provider is required to use GGfone on a mobile device. Yet, if you use the app on an iPad or an iPod Touch and have consistent access to free WiFi, you don't need a data plan.

Is GGfone free?

Absolutely, the GGfone app is totally free to download and free to use.

* A data plan for your mobile device is needed to use GGfone. Your carrier may charge for the data used by GGfone.

Is it free to make international calls?

Absolutely, Yes! As long as your international fnf is also a GGfone user, your calls will be totally free no matter where your contact lives.

If my international fnf isn't on GGfone?

No Problem, You can also make the cheapest international calls to any phone number in all.

How can I find out if my friends use GGfone?

If your friends are in your address book and they have the GGfone app installed on their phones, you will be able to see them in your GGfone friend's list.

You can also search for your friends via a phone number.

How can I invite my friends to GGfone?

The GGfone app has a built-in invitation function. You can send an invitation to your friends via SMS or email. You can also post information about GGfone to your Facebook wall or Twitter so that your friends know you are using GGfone.

Also, Earn Credit to Invite them in GGfone

How can I deactivate GGfone on the lost device?

If lost your device, You can take the following steps to stop GGfone working:

Install the GGfone app on your new phone (Login with the same phone number)

  • Activate GGfone with the same phone number
  • Activated GGfone on your new phone, you will receive a warning message.

In which ways can I get credits to talk?

You can get credits through Daily Lottery, Check-in, Tasks, Watching videos and inviting friends.

I forgot to check in. Will I get my credit?

Checking every day and receive a continuous bonus. If you miss one day, your progress will be reset to day one. You will get your daily check-in bonus for that day only.

Can I install GGfone on multiple devices?

You can install GGfone on multiple devices with the same profile. But you can only use it in a single device. You will be logged out from other devices.

I lost my phone number. Can I get my account back?

We do not have any other way to track you without your mobile number. Therefore without your own number, you cannot retrieve your previous profile.

Can I make a conference call on GGfone with multiple friends?

Right now you can only call talk to a single person with at a time with GGfone. But we are working on it.